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How do you know if Brinkhaus Diamonds are conflict-free?

Brinkhaus only purchases diamonds from the most reputable purveyors or cutters who declare on their invoices that the diamonds sold have been obtained in compliance with the Kimberley process.

Whenever possible, Brinkhaus favours the use of Canadian diamonds in the creation of its bridal jewellery and solitary diamond jewellery as they are guaranteed to have been extracted under strict supervision, compliant with the laws that have been developed to protect the diamond workforce, the mining area’s native people and environment.

Are Canadian diamonds conflict-free?

Diamonds mined in Canada are conflict-free. Canada, as a KPCS participant, passed legislation in 2002 making it illegal to import or export diamonds from non-compliant KPCS sources.

Are the United States a member of the KPCS?

In April 25, 2003, the US passed the Clean Diamond Trade Act that was signed into a law that would insure their participation in the KPCS.


How do I search through the product list?

You can search through the Brinkhaus products using various category filters including occasion, product, material, stone and price. Click the filter, choose an option and then click the find arrow. Use as many filters as you need to narrow your search.
Will I be charged additional tax on my purchase?
All taxes are calculated automatically on the receipt. You will be able to see the exact cost of your item including all taxes before finalizing your purchase.
Does Brinkhaus offer a gift-wrapping service?

We offer complimentry gift wrapping in our stores for all purchases.
Does Brinkhaus offer a custom-design service?
Our designers have always been attuned to perfection and beauty, and can create jewellery that will carry a lifetime of meaning and special memories through exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Please visit one of our Brinkhaus Locations to find out more
Does Brinkhaus offer an appraisal service?

Brinkhaus team of expert gemologists offer a full range of appraisal services. Simply bring the article you wish to have appraised to any of our fine jewellery associates at any Brinkhaus location. Our qualified appraisers will evaluate your jewellery and contact you by post or by email with all of the necessary details.
What are your store locations?

Brinkhaus has 2 store locations in Canada. For a detailed list complete with addresses, please see Brinkhaus Locations.
How can I have my Brinkhaus merchandise engraved?

Simply bring the article to be engraved to any of our fine jewellery associates at any Brinkhaus location, or contact us by email at: info@Brinkhaus.com.
What are the advantages of a Brinkhaus Platinum Credit Card?

Benefits include up to 10 months of interest-free credit, no annual fees, no transaction fees, and additional cards for family members. We offer convenient payments with low monthly minimums. Applications are available online and at all Brinkhaus locations. For additional information, please go to Brinkhaus Credit Card.
What is the Brinkhaus Club Plan?

On any purchase over $500 made on the Brinkhaus Platinum Credit Card, you may pay in ten interest-free monthly installments.
What is Brinkhaus privacy policy?

Brinkhaus is committed to protecting your privacy. Brinkhaus is the sole owner of all information collected at Brinkhaus.com. We will not disclose, trade, rent or sell information collected on this site and will inform you of how we use this information. For more details, please see Brinkhaus' privacy policy.
How do I notify Brinkhaus of a change of address?

Please contact Brinkhaus with a change of address at: info@Brinkhaus.com.
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